Romahaus Route description EN custom made

Route description

J.D.-Lauensteinstrasse 1 -> Entrance "An der Wieke 48"
49767 Twist
T +49 (0)5936 923412

Are you planning your visit to Romahaus? That's a graet idea! We welcome you personally but please, schedule a meeting to ensure you will get the time you deserve.

Our company can be reached the best per car (or bicycle). Per train, the nearby trainstation in Germany is "Meppen" and in Holland "Emmen". Plan your visit and we can arrange transfer from one of these train stations. 

Did you travel far, than you might be interested to combine your visit to us with a relaxing hotel visit. We recommend Hotel Drei Linden in Twist for its great service, nice accommodation and reasonable prices. 

The area we live in, is a bit quiet. So we can not offer a long list with "things to do in the area" except visiting our company of course. But if you like cycling and nature, than you can make a nice trip in one of the biggest preserved Moor Areas of Europe, park "Bourtanger Moor". 

For traveling per car, please enter the Address "An der Wieke 48" instead of J.D.-Lauensteinstrasse 1. These addresses are both for the same location but our area is accessible only through the connection with "An der Wieke".