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It speaks for itself that a composite garden home also requires a little maintenance. This is however to no extend comparable to intens maintenance jobs like sanding and painting.

With a minimum of maintenance, your garden home looks brand new. Also after 5 or 10 years after installation.

So what maintenance is required? The minimum maintenance is comparable as for plastic doors and windows. Just clean the surface of the profiles 2 times a year with non-agressive soap. In this way, you prevent the dirt of caking to much to the surface. We strongly discourage polishing of the profiles or the use of spraywax with agressive solvents.

Soft waxes as used for plastic doors and windows and caravans let your garden home shine. For turning elements like hings, multi-point-lockings and cylinder lock, we advise to clean once a year and grease. The sealing rubbers should be cleaned also once a year.

The doors might require some re-adjusting after a period of use. Luckily, the hinges are re-adjustable in an easy way. In case of questions, ask us for assistance.