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Our mobile homes are available on a mobile steel frame or in building elements that are assembled on site. Delivery in loose elements is especially interesting when the construction site is difficult to reach. Insulated walls with 58 mm thick plastic profiles as outer lining. The wall profiles are also seamless at 12500 mm. Saddle roof with insulating sandwich plates or a wooden roof rack. Standard roofing metal tile panels with durable plastisol coating in various colors. If you opt for a wooden roof rack, you can also choose bitumen shingles as roofing. Roof gates 250 mm wide. Roof edges finished with plastic profiles. Different roof designs are available on request. Available dimensions width x depth: 3600 x 8000 to 5000 x 12500 mm We do not offer the decoration of the chalet.


It is important that the foundation has right angles and a flat surface, most preferably about 30 mm above ground level. The walls of the garden house look 35 mm above the foundation so that a drip edge is created for rainwater. As a general rule: The foundation, according to the specified dimensions, is smaller than the outside dimensions of your garden house.

It is furthermore important that at the location of the door an edge of 50 mm is made to the outside to support the the door sill. When the top of your foundation is flush with the pavement, then we advise you to apply a profile which is placed between the foundation and the bottom of the wall. As a result, the walls are elevated approximately 35 mm, so the door can freely rotate above the tiles.

If you have further questions about making a proper foundation and do you have questions about sizes, please feel free to contact us.




The following abstract shows how to install garden house Milano. Please note: this abtract is model-specific.  

Step 1

Set the wall elements on the foundation and leave them with the corners meet together.                              


wall panells

Step 2

Slide from above the aluminum corner rail in the groove. The corner rail serves as a connecting element between the two wall elements.


corner rail

Step 3

Place the ring beam on the walls and screw it.



Step 4

Place the gutter and secure it with screws.


Step 5

Attach the roofing. Depending on the model you have the choice of insulated sandwich panels, roofing shingles or roof tiles metal plates or a combination of insulated sandwich panels and roof tiles metal sheets.


Step 6 

Dress up as the next step, your garden house with the associated roof ledges.


Step 7 

Set doors and windows. Use sealing tape to close the wall-frame connection.






Do you have questions about installation of a garden house, please feel free to contact us.